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About Inspire Dog Training

Inspire Dog Training was founded by Olivia Pasolli to help dog owners connect with their canine companions. With a focus for setting dogs AND humans up for success, our goal is to give dog owners the tools they need to have fulfilling relationships with their dogs, and provide their dogs with enriched, happy lives. We focus on providing individualized coaching and support for dog owners, to help you and your dog develop an everlasting connection and partnership!

We use reward-based training exercises and games to make training fun for you and your dog, and focus on implementing effective management strategies and canine husbandry practices to give you a well-rounded education on dog guardianship!


Programs & Services

Inspire Dog Training offers a variety of dog training services!

Puppy Club

Puppy Club is a membership-based program designed to teach you everything you need to know to raise your new best friend. 

 Puppy Club is designed to help you train your dog at home during everyday life while giving you the support you need to be successful and opportunities to work in a group setting.

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Canine Coaching

Do you need specialized, one-on-one help with your dog? Inspire Canine Coaching is like life coaching for dog people! Get specialized training plans and support to meet your goals and overcome challenges! We want to support YOU to become the best dog owner for your dog you can be!

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Nosework is a wonderful dog sport that taps into your dog's natural instinct to sniff!

This sport is great for giving dogs a "job", and is wonderful for increasing your dog's confidence and mental stamina!

Check out The INSPIRE Nosework Online Course!

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Workshops are a great way to focus on improving specific skills. 

Inspire Dog Training is excited to start offering fun and unique learning experiences for you and your dog through these programs!

Check out our "Inspire Focus" and "Fun With Fetch" Workshops that are currently in development!

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